5th Birthday Beacham Bash!

This past Tuesday we had our "Beacham Series"/ 5th Anniversary party at a Bobby McAlpine home on Tuxedo Road. (Listed by Glennis Beacham)We pulled out all the stops for this party, and we estimate we got over 350 people!

Here I am in front of the latest cover :)

Did you guys know you can request a copy of "The Beacham Series" on the website?

We owe a HUGE HUGE thank you to Billy Holcomb of Liz Lapidus Public Relations.  He worked so hard on this party, and we really appreciate it.  The party went so smoothly, and he was so professional.

Thank you Billy!

Anyway, we could not believe how many people came!  And this was 5 minutes after the party started!

View from the second story looking out over the living room.

And here we are 30 minutes in!

The crowd on the back veranda.

People braved the rain to come for an evening of good food, drinks, music, and architecture!

Beautiful cheese plate from Local Three 

ummm... pimento cheese!  

Thank you so much to Heineken for sponsoring the event.

Lauren and Jason of The Whiskey Gentry were phenomenal!  I cannot say enough about how well they played.  

Everyone raved about them!  If you don't remember how much I was looking forward to them playing you can read about it here.

In other news, The Whiskey Gentry is playing a Christmas show Dec 2nd at Variety Playhouse.  You should go!  I'll be there! :)

You can buy tickets here.

So many of our agents and clients came out to support us!

Glennis and the homeowner Lisa.  Isn't Lisa beautiful?  We all agreed she was the most stylish woman at the party... for sure.

Here I am with Billy and my friend Laura Green of L. Green Studios.

Sue Newman

Donna Gardner and Ashley Czeschin 

Glennis Beacham and Meridy King

 Kim Foley and her client who owns THIS house, from my most popular post ever! 

Camille Brannon of Campbell and Brannon, who sponsored the party, Robert Orr and Wight Mixon.

Holly Street (far left) of the famed blog Things That Inspire and the amazing artist Melissa Payne Baker (second from right) 

Barry Milam and Sue Newman

One of my favorite things we got for the party was a photo booth!  I loves seeing our agents and friends cutting lose in there!

Ha ha ha.  I had to try it out!  Here I am with my uncle, who took the magazine cover shot!


Margaret Harman and Rachel Farmer

Gabby Gray, Wight Mixon, Sheila Gray and Ginger Scott (all Beacham agents!)

Niki McNeill of Single Bubble Pop

Our Director of Graphics and Design (Laura) and all of her friends :)  See the sign?

Erin Yabroudy 

A whole slew of Beacham people :)

Elise Baumann and Janey Lowe with Margaret Harman

Debbie Farmer (with Guitar) and her three cute friends

Happy 5th Anniversary Beacham & Company!

So that I can keep from bragging about our own party, I am going to borrow words from Kyle Sturtevant of "The Well Composed Home:"  

What a spectacular event.  Graciousness was expressed through every detail.  From the hospitality, to the catering, to the entertainment – they even had the band Whiskey Gentry playing off to the side.  As much as I thoroughly enjoyed touring this Home, and viewing the work of  Beacham and Company, McAlpine Tankersley and Bonner Custom Homes, the event was truly set apart in a league of its own by the caliper of people in attendance.  Thx to everyone for granting me this remarkable experience.

Awesome Night, Awesome Group of Folks, Wonderful Evening.

Kyle wrote a beautiful post about the party, which I suggest you read HERE.  (It goes into much greater detail about the architecture of the home.)

Terry Kearns of Architecture Tourist also wrote a wonderful piece about the party and the home. Please read it if you get a chance!



Thank you all so much for your support of our company and our magazine.  We could not have done it without you!

Love, Blayne