"Sit and Feast on your Life" Part 2... Who's Closet is it Anyway?

What did you guys think of my last post?  Isn't this house amazing?  I loved all your comments.  Thank you so much!  Shall we continue?

Lets go into the master...

I had to break this post into two parts so we could really focus on this bedroom.  Isn't it beautiful?  It looks like such a light and cozy place to wake up in the morning.  It also provides tons of light and access to a porch.  I am enchanted by the idea of being able to walk out on the porch from my bedroom with a cup of coffee.... although right now it's about 105 degrease in Atlanta, so maybe an iced coffee :)

You could have a cup of coffee here, right?

This is the view of the master into the master bath.  Don't you love those doors?

And here we are in the master bath.  Swoon.  White tile+gray groin vaulted ceiling=perfection.

I just love this detail.  It feels like a hotel bathroom!

This showcases the "her" part of the his & her bath, and it leads us into... gasp... the closet!

Can you believe it?  This is what I would imagine Charlotte's (Sex in the city) closet to look like... large and very romantic!

I. Am. So. Jealous.  I was particularly struck by how the colors of the clothes match the colors in the house.  There is something very cool about that to me!

This house is so beautiful.. I have loved writing about it.... twice.  In case you missed the first post, here it is. To learn more about Kim Foley's listing, please check it out here.

Ok, now lets play a game.  Go look in your closet and decided which celebrity or fictional character could own it.  For example...  "Jennifer Aniston could own my closet," or "My closet looks like Hermione Granger's."

I'll go first...  I think my closet could also belong to Phoebe from Friends.  :) :)  ha ha.

What about you?