Rachel Farmer's Pecan Pies

I feel like ever since I had Oliver I've become much more sentimental.  For example, I'm sitting here trying to write an intro to tell you guys what makes Rachel Farmer so special, and I'm crying.  Honestly, I've never met anyone like Rachel, and it was such a blessing when she decided to join Beacham & Company.  She's really taught me so much about the kind of wife, mother, daughter and friend I want to be.  I feel lucky to know Rachel and watch the way she lives her life.  She is such a blessing! Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.53.53 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.19.21 PM

Earlier this Fall, I wanted to start a softball team, Rachel was quick to volunteer her husband Bryan (a former minor league pitcher) as coach and herself as team mom.  She and her husband have a wonderful relationship.  These two people LOVE being around each other.  I had the pleasure of going to several dinners with them after practice, and they are so much fun to be around.  They are fun, funny, and they love to have a good time.  It was through the softball experience that I realized Rachel really is the ultimate "Team Mom."

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.21.11 PM

Rachel's son Kyle played baseball at UGA and now plays for the LA Dodgers minor league team (I hope that's right!).  Since I've known Rachel she's been Kyle's biggest cheerleader... figuratively and literally.   Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.42.21 PMWhen UGA played Georgia Tech at Turner Field a few years ago we all went to watch Kyle.  Rachel was by far the loudest person in the stands.  I'm not exaggerating.  I know a lot about having your mom as the loudest person in the stands (Glennis), but Rachel surpassed her!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.24.37 PM

Rachel and her daughter Nicole are very close.  Nicole is currently a student at Ole Miss, which is where Rachel and Bryan went.  The family has so much fun going over there and cheering on the Rebs.  They also visit Rachel's mom, Granny.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.53.34 PM

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Granny when she was in town not long ago, and Granny is a piece of work!  Rachel and Granny email and talk on the phone constantly about politics and what's going on with the family.  They are best friends in just the most perfect way.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.25.21 PM

Bryan threw Rachel a 50th birthday party, and people came from around the country to be there for her.  She has touched so many lives, and people love her like she's part of their family.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.50.37 PM

That's because she makes you feel like you are part of her family.  She genuinely cares about what's going on with you, and if you are her friend she'd do anything in the world for you.  Which is why, when I called her and asked her if I could send my uncle Rod over there to create a photo essay of her holiday pecan pie operation, she agreed immediately.

Every year Rachel makes pies for her friends and clients for Thanksgiving.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 8.03.08 PM

She gives one to our family every year, and it's become one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions because its so thoughtful.

The pies are delicious, and I wanted to know more about what went into making them.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 8.02.28 PM

rachel 3  I asked Rod to go over because Rod and Rachel are good friends.  Believe it or not, it's hard to convince people to let you take pictures of them, so I had to send in Rod because I knew he would get the job done :)

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.25.11 PM

Here they are at Rachel's birthday :)  It's a good thing I did send Rod over there. As they were photographing Rachel told Rod her sink was broken, and he fixed it for her.  Apparently it's not a great idea to put 50 eggs down the garbage disposal ;) Who knew?


rachel 2


After the sink was fixed, Rachel started cooking.


Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.08.32 PM


Here is the recipe for Rachel's delicious pie!

1 cup sugar

¾ cup Light Karo Corn Syrup

½ stick butter

1 teaspoon of salt

1 tablespoon of Vanilla

3 eggs

Heaping cup of chopped pecans

9-inch deep dish pie shell

Mix Karo, sugar and butter over medium heat. Stir consistently until it gets to a rolling boil. Once it comes to a rolling boil stir for a minute. Add mixture to eggs (beaten), salt and vanilla. Add chopped pecans. Pour in to 9-inch pie shell and bake at 350 for 45 minutes – depending on your oven temperature. Could be less. Check it after 30 minutes.

Freezes well or serve warm with vanilla ice cream!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 8.09.43 PM

It seems everyone benefits from Rachel's pies :)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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My Dad's Chili is THE BEST!

I really love my dad :)Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.29.15 AM

When I was little my dad used to do a lot of the cooking and perfected dishes such as "Spray Bottle Chicken."  I remember my dad used to make a marinade that he would spray on the chicken.  This marinade basically consisted of anything he could find in the refrigerator... lemon juice, orange juice, pickle juice, worcestershire.  When you're a little girl who loves to cook, there's nothing that makes you feel more special than when your dad asks for help digging through the fridge to make a "secret formula" marinade, and he lets you add anything you want!

One Saturday we drove around the city looking for the prefect spray bottle to use to keep the chicken coated while it was on the grill.  It seems like we went to about  30 stores looking for the perfect spray bottle before he decided that a washed out windex bottle worked best.  We kept the windex bottle under the sink, and it was ONLY to be used for chicken cooking.  My dad made sure by writing "Chicken Juice" across it with a marker.  Ahhh childhood memories.

Aside from the chicken, my dad taught me how to cook chili.  This was an activity that took an entire Saturday.  It was basically a little girl's version of tailgating.  We would wake up early, hit up Bruno's for the secret ingredients, and start cooking.  The below recipe is beased on the way my dad made it, but I've added a few things :)



Honestly, this is the secret ingredient.  Of all the chili mixes and recipes I've tried (and I've tried a lot), this is my favorite.  I don't know if it is because it reminds me of home, or if it really is the best, but I love it.  The package calls for tomato sauce and 2 lbs of ground beef, but dad and I liked to doctor ours up with onions, beans, corn and of course beer.  How do you make chili without beer?Chili002

Chop the onion.Chili003

Cook the ground beef with the onion. (this is Jimmy's job now)Chili004

When the meat is brown (in the above picture it is about halfway there), drain the fat and put it back in the pot.Chili005

I adore corn, so I use as many ears as possible.  This time I used 4.Chili006

Cut the corn off the cob.Chili007

Add the two cans of tomato sauce to the meat.Chili008

The directions on the package say to add 16 oz of water, but I've decided beer is better. I love the flavor of 420 (that's also our wedding date), so I used it this time.  Just use whatever you have. Chili009

The package of chili mix comes with individual spice packets, which you add depending on how much heat or salt you want.Chili010

I like beans in my chili, and I used one can of chili beans and one can of navy beans.Chili011


The longer you cook the chili the better it is, which if why my dad would always start in the morning.  Technically you only need about 30 minutes to make chili, but it's up to you.Chili012

Top however you like :)

I'm so happy to have all the memories of cooking with my dad.  He and Missy are wonderful cooks. They always make the best dinners together with my dad mainly in charge of the grill and Missy in charge of the inside stuff.  Cooking has always been such a wonderful part of my family, and I am so excited to start making these memories with little Oliver.


Have a WONDERFUL Fall weekend everybody!

Best Restaurants in Atlanta (Part 2)

It's time for the next 5 restaurants.  Yea! 1. Ok Cafe.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.14.46 PM

Duh.  Ok Cafe is so great.  You can go in there and get a warm, Southern, home-cooked meal at any time.  There's also a sweet money tree.  As I previously posted, I'm a sucker for a veggie plate, and the one at OK is the best in town.  Personal highlights include: corn that's cut off the cob by hand, field peas, fried green tomatoes, green beans and corn muffins.  The peanut gallery also suggested that the fried mac and cheese and fried cheese grit apps are must have items.

The three of us in the marketing office hit up the OK Cafe salad bar at least 3x a week.  We eat a lot of hand-carved turkey, veggie soup and Brunswick Stew. #okcafe4ever

2. Woodfire Grill

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.15.56 PM

I've had a huge crush on Kevin Gillespie ever since I saw him on Top Chef incorporating chocolate dipped bacon into his dessert. #fatkid

He was actually manning the grill the first night I went to Woodfire Grill, which may be why it was so enjoyable.  I kept looking over there so often he finally offered to sign my menu (I keep it in a glass case in my living room... not kidding).  Their menu changes nightly and features local organic ingredients and lots of bacon.  #love

3. Salt Factory Pub


Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.16.38 PM

Jimmy and I love Salt Factory.  It's up on the square in Roswell.  Remember when we went there last year and I discovered the perfect glass of wine?  The first thing I ever ate there was the cheese plate.  It was hands down the best cheese plate I've ever eaten.  The cheese comes with caramelized onions and whole grain mustard that will knock your socks off!  The French onion soup is amazing as well.

While you wait you can walk around to all the little art galleries.  It's a great way to spend a Friday night.

4. Flip

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.17.15 PM 

For my money, Flip has the best burger in town.  I love the chorizo and fried egg burger the best.  They also have great fries and sweet potato tots.

I know a lot of people feel like there are better burgers around ATL... and I'm open to the arguments.  Hamburgers are so amazing...  5 Guys is incredible   You just can't beat those fries, and the put A1 on the burgers.  I have a slight (large) obsession with A1.   The Holeman & Finch 10 PM burger might be the best burger in Atlanta, but I just can't wait until 10 PM to have dinner (yes, I do know that have them at Brunch...)   Farm Burger? Great.  All I'm saying that if it's 12 PM and someone asks me to go get a burger, I'm going to suggest Flip.  There you have it.

Notes from the peanut gallery: Yeah! Burger, Canyon Burger, US Cafe and The Vortex have great burgers as well.

5. Cakes & Ale

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.17.56 PM

I've only been to Cakes & Ale twice, but both times the food was exceptional.

It's the perfect date spot.  They recently moved to the Decatur square and split the restaurant into the dining area and the bakery.  It's fun to go have a glass of wine in the bakery while you wait for a table.  The servers are out of this world, and I recommend listening to their suggestions.

That's it!  My top 10 favorite restaurants in the ATL.  To read the first half of my list please click here.

I'm happy to expound upon this topic, so please feel free to send me any and all suggestions.



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My Favorite Atlanta Restaurants Part 1... (3 are gluten free!!)

Here's a list of places that make me happy to live in Atlanta :)

1. The Sundial Restaurant

I LOVE the Sundial!  It's located at the top of the Westin in downtown Atlanta, and I've been going there since I was a child.  You can see all the way to Stone Mountain, which is such a treat for a little kid!


Recently I introduced Jimmy to the Sundial, and he loved it too.  There's something about sipping a White Russian while taking a 360° spin around the skyline that just says "Welcome to Atlanta!"

To be 100% honest, I've never eaten there... so perhaps this deserves the title of my favorite bar in Atlanta...

2. Watershed on Peachtree

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.20.36 PM
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.20.36 PM

Ever since 6th grade I've had a fairly fanatical obsession with The Indigo Girls.  Galileo had me at first listen, and the CDs have been staples in my car ever since.  When they opened Watershed here in Atlanta, I was desperate to go.  While I loved the Decatur location, I have to say that the new Peachtree location is much better.  It's closer to my house, and I love the design.  I've heard the fried chicken is out of this world, but I was delighted with my gluten free veggie plate as well.  The servers are wonderfully knowledgeable about which items are gluten free and which can be made gluten free, which is so refreshing.  Jimmy's taking me there for dinner tonight... lucky me!

3. Sophie's Uptown

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.21.45 PM
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.21.45 PM

Sophie's is a cute little cafe/bakery on Pharr Road.  They publish a gluten free menu every day that includes quiches, soups and even sandwiches.  I whole heartedly recommend the tomato soup (ask for an extra pack of Saltines).  The sandwich was good, but I'm not a huge fan of gluten free bread.  I have to say though, sometimes you just need a sandwich.  They also donate to homeless pets, which makes me feel good about eating there.

4. Houston's 

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.22.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.22.20 PM

If you don't like Houston's you don't like Atlanta.  I'm serious.  Every time you go to Houston's you know what you're going to get.  Here's a list of the absolute best things at Houston's in case you live in a hole:  Spinach dip, French Dip, chicken fingers + fries + colesalw, salad with the chicken fingers on it (forget the name), crab cakes, vegetable plate, Hickory Burger, tortilla soup, grilled artichoke, bbq chicken.  FYI, I just asked Lindley (my bff) what her favorite things were at Houston's. She launched into a list that included the grilled chicken salad subbing in chicken fingers and the sleeper favorite smoked salmon, which nobody ever gets because you'd be a fool not to order the the spinach dip or artichoke heart.  Kids who were raised in Atlanta and went to Westminster love Houston's as much UGA grads like the Bulldogs.  It's a thing.  By the way... if you go there and tell them you are gluten free they will make you almost anything on the menu gluten free.... except the chicken fingers, which crushed a little piece of my soul.

5. Nuevo Loreado

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.22.57 PM
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.22.57 PM

Lindley and I love Mexican food more than anything.  When we lived together at UGA we would go to the La Parilla on Prince at least 5 times a week (sometimes twice a day if we just had to).  We would go to the drug store next door and buy gossip magazines.  Then we would go in to La Parilla and order two giant mugs of beer in the frostiest glasses you've ever seen.  We'd spend at least 45 minutes drinking our beers and eating bean dip before we ordered our taco salads (her's with no cheese... we were on weight watchers, of course).  The whole experience would take at least two hours, but the servers never said anything to us because we were probably their best customers.  Though we left Athens at least 15 lbs heavier, we also left with holes in our hearts that no frosty beer or taco salad could ever fill... not to say we haven't tried.  We've probably tried every mexican restaurant in the city, and we rate them all... though that's a different blog post for a different day.  Suffice it to say we like Nuevo Loreado the best.  They have the best salsa and the best taco salads.  I know some of you are jumping out of your chair because I didn't say Jalisco's, but give me a break... I like what I like.  The salsa at Jalisco's is a touch too hot, and I can't go in there wearing pajama pants and a sweat shirt because I'll run into like 30 people I know.  Last night Lindley and I went over to Nuevo Loreado, and I carried a little plastic bag of gluten free chips.  My Bud Light bottle was cold, but it was no frosty mug.  At the end of the day I say if you can't drive to Athens, you're best option is to hit up Nuevo Loreado.  As a side note, be careful wearing you're pajamas because you'll most likely see someone you know ;)

Tomorrow I'll work on finishing the list.  Have a great night everybody!

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Beautiful home on Valley... and THOSE LAST FEW LBS!

Before I left for vacation I shot Glennis Beacham's beautiful new listing at  285 Valley Road.  Rod Collins went back a few days later and got some amazing night shots.  I wanted to share the photos with you. 285 Valley Road  060

The approach to this Frazire and Bodin house is breathtaking.

285 Valley Road  005

The home was built in 1934 but totally renovated/updated by Spitzmiller and Norris in 2000. I love the look of ivy growing on a house.  It's such a classic Atlanta look.

285 Valley Road02

I loved the foyer as soon as I saw it.  A curved staircase gets me every time!

285 Valley Road06

285 Valley Road11The formal living room and dining room are perfect, and they both have that "old Atlanta" look.

285 Valley Road20

This is my favorite room in the house.  It's a study with a fireplace off the master where you can curl up with a good book.285 Valley Road59

The chef's kitchen has an office and looks out over the family room.285 Valley Road63

This warm family room with beams and a fireplace opens to an exquisite screened porch overlooking the pool.285 Valley Road72

Here it is!285 Valley Road40

The wine cellar has the coolest ceiling.  I could spend some time in there for sure.285 Valley Road35

This is my other favorite room, a cool office on the terrace level.  I would never go to work again.  I'd just be writing this blog from my own personal in-home office.285 Valley Road  053I'm loving this night shot.  It really shows off the porch.

285 Valley Road  055

And we end with the darling play house. How cute is that?  I want it!

There is also a three car garage with a full apartment above it.

For more information on this listing please go to beacham.com.

In other news I started a new diet on Monday... gag.  I don't really like dieting.  About 2.5 years ago I went on a major diet/lifestyle change to shed leftover college weight.  I am not the most athletic person... and by that I mean carrying in my groceries and putting them away sometimes exhausts me, but I started doing bootcamp.  I got a "stress fracture" (questionable) within the first two weeks and decided to stop.  Determined to lose the weight, I started swimming at the Piedmont Hospital Gym.  With regular swimming and changing a few things I ate, the weight slowly came off of me.  After about 8 months I lost 20 pounds.  That's great, right?  Well, it is except that my goal was to lose 25 pounds for regular life and 30 pounds for my wedding day.  (Yes, I was thinking about my wedding day 2.5 years ago.  I've probably thought about it every day since I was like 18.  Pathetic?  Probably, but it's true.)  So, after I lost 20 pounds I accepted that it was about all I was going to lose and decided to stop dieting and enjoy life.  That's when I met Jimmy.  Throughout our relationship I've managed to basically maintain the same weight, which I'm pretty proud of to be honest. :)

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 3.17.10 PM

Now that the threat of walking down the aisle and having people stare at my back (not my favorite feature) is real, I've decided to kick it into high gear and lose those last few pesky pounds (I'll be honest, two weeks of sipping frozen drinks on vacation didn't really help).  While I was shooting a house on Monday someone mentioned the Dukan Diet to me.

I remembered hearing about this when Kate Middleton got married.

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 3.46.12 PM

And if it works for her it could obviously work for me... right? (fingers crossed).

So I decided to give it a try.  Click on this link to read Cosmo's summary of the diet.  Basically you eat just protein for a few days and then eat protein and green vegetable for a little while until you reach your goal weight.  Easy right?

I started on Tuesday and I've already lost 3.4 pounds!  It's like magic!  I'm pretty pleased with the results, except that it makes me feel a little light headed and makes my muscles ache a little bit. (Alarming?  Possibly.)

Yesterday was my first day eating vegetables, so I celebrated with a nice stir fry.

You can also eat oat bran pancakes.  I know they may sound gross, but believe me, after two days of eating straight meat they tast like the absolute best things in the world.  Ask Jimmy.  I think I sighed a little when I tasted them for the first time.  It was like cornbread right off the griddle.

I was really impressed with the meal and think I could probably stay on the diet for a little while.  So have a great weekend enjoying your beers and your french fries...  I'll be dieting.

Who am I kidding... I'm trying a gluten free beer right after work ;).

Love you guys!  See you next week!

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My Grandmother's Beef Stew + Missy's Brussel Sprouts = A hit!

Well... it's time for my first ever recipe.  I'm no Katie Oblinger, but I think the pictures are ok, and the food is amazing... so you might want to take a gander.

I have been feeling a little sad lately.  My grandmother (mom's mom) is in a nursing home very near our lake house.  She has been there for a few years and it's been good for her.  She has Alzheimer's, and they take great care of her.  I try to go once every other month or so to visit her.  I have been incredibly busy recently, and I actually havent seen her since June.  I went this past weekend and was astounded by the change in her.  Usually she is so happy and smiling.  Even if she doesn't know me she lights up when I walk in the room and she holds my hand and says she's "feeling a little bit better today."  When I went this weekend she wasn't talking or smiling.  She just looked at me and squeezed my hand.  It was so sad I just started crying.  She has been such an important person in my life.  She is honestly the sweetest and most motherly person I've ever met.  Another one of her best traits is her cooking ability.  She maks the most amazing beef stew.  My brother Ben and I liked it so much we would always request it when we went to visit.  She actually nicknamed it "Ben's Stew" we liked it so much.  My whole life, every time I saw her, she would make this.

She's been on my mind a lot this week.  Last night I was leaving work, and it was really rainy and cold in Atlanta...  I just thought, "tonight would be a great night for "Ben's Stew."  I called up my cousin/bff Kristin and went over the details and then headed over to Publix to grab the supplies.  When I was thinking of a side, I immediately thought of my step mother's (Missy) brussel sprouts.

Missy is such a great cook!!!  You walk into her house and it always smells like home cooking.   She started making these brussel sprouts a few years ago, and we all just love them.  According to Missy, and I agree 100%, these are the best leftovers in the world... put them in the fridge and a few hours take one out and eat it cold... life changing.

This meal is such a wonderful combination of two very important women in my life who I love very much.  I hope you like it!  Jimmy certainly did (keep reading).

Side note:  Before you adjust the color on you monitor, I have lime green countertops.  My house was built in the 50s, and they have never been updated.  Some may say outdated... I say charming (no I don't... I say I don't have the money to change them).

Here's what you need:

"Beef for Stew" or "Stew Beef."  You can find it at the grocery... it's exactly what it sounds like... (You can either wash or not...  I think arguments can be made for doing it both ways.  I did not wash mine first.)

What Rachel Ray calles EVOO.

Fingerlings...  at least this is what I picked.  You can also just use Irish if you like. (Wash them)

Bag of carrots...  I like these baby cut ones, but you can also get the stalks and cut them up #morework #prewashed

Bag of Brussels.  Wash them.

White onion.

Beer.  This is not to use in the cooking.... it's to drink while you cook.  DUH.  flockboston.com - visit the website.

You also need: beef broth, chicken broth, corn starch, garlic, butter, salt, pepper, Lawry's seasoning, and cayenne pepper.

Lets get this party started. (beef stew first)

Heat up some oil (how much? I don't know... about that much) in a pan.

Throw in the "Stew Beef" and brown it. (add salt and pepper... like a dash of each)

Get out your garlic....

Throw about that much in the pan...   like a kitchen spoon full.

Dice up your onion.  This photo was taken mid-dice....

Throw your diced onions in with the beef and garlic.

Get your fingerlings and cut them in half.  You don't have to cut them in half, but I like to because they sort of mush up better, which adds to the stew-iness of it.  Yea, like that makes sense.

Throw them in the pot.

Add your carrots, and put in a can of beef broth.

Cover and cook for about 25-30 minutes.

Get out a new pan... a small one.

Take a spoon full of about that much butter...

Melt it in a pan...

Throw in some corn starch.... maybe 2 tablespoons?  That's a guess.

Pour in some chicken broth....  maybe 1/2 of a cup?  Until it looks like that.... it should actually be a little bit more watery...  I added more chicken stock after I took the picture.

Pour this mixture into the big pan of beef stew. It helps thicken it up and turn it into a stew.  You can also add a little more salt and pepper, a dash of Lawry's and 2 shakes of cayenne pepper, if you like a little spice.

It starts to look more like this...  it gets thicker as it cooks down.  Cook it for about 10 more minutes with the top on and you're finished!  Yum!

Now let's do the brussel sprouts.  It goes without saying that I did these at the same time, but it's easier to understand if you explain them separately.

Preheat your oven to 350...

Take your washed brussels and put them on a cookie sheet.  Drizzle some EVOO (that phrase really annoys me) on top and sprinkle with sea salt.  Shake the cookie sheet so the brussels all get coated with the oil/salt mixture.  Put them in the oven.

In 15 minutes open the oven and shake the tray again...

15 minutes later do it again...

15 minutes later they should look like this.  Take 'um out!

Then....  Take two plates and serve it up!

Make sure you have a boyfriend who's willing to try it even if he's skeptical.

"Sure Blayne...  of course I'm willing to try your cooking and have you photograph it for your blog..."  Something else interesting about this picture... I had finished my beer (duh) and was drinking some iced tea out of the sweet new cup I got at Striplings this weekend.  Don't know what Striplings is?  Read yesterday's post.

First bite!  This is right after he said, "you know Blayne, I don't really like brussel sprouts."  You may notice I only gave him three.  Go back to the picture above and look at how many I got.

"No Sister!  You can't have any of my dinner!  I ate it all!"  Jimmy ate all the brussels on his plate and then half of mine...  See...  they are THAT GOOD!

This was such a fun meal to make, and I felt much better afterwards.  I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful family.  Everyone brings so much to the table (see what I did there?).  I love you all so much.

*As I was writing this post my mom came in to tell me that my grandmother is not doing well today.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She really is amazing.

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Frazier and Bodin + Georgia's Best Sausage (Striplings)

Houses and Sausage?  The perfect combination! Let's start with the house.

I shot the coolest house the other day.  It's in Dunwoody and is listed by Cia Cummings and Jan Hart.  Address: 590 Old Cobblestone Drive.

This is a Frazier and Bodin home was originally built in 1939, and architect Stephen and Kerry Fuller has renovated it beautifully.

This foyer is breathtaking with the curved ceiling and beautiful floors.

The solarium, located through the foyer, is perfect and allows for so much natural light.

My favorite thing about this house is that it has all the historical elements, but the interior design is perfect for today... very modern.

This dining room is a perfect example of that...  loving the color choice.

Beautiful detail shot that really shows off the trim and the fireplace.

No joke, this might be my favorite room in the house.  It is the wet bar/catering kitchen that runs between the dinging room and the kitchen.  I really like the color of the cabinets and the countertops.  It feels very masculine.  I'm mad at myself for not taking a better detail shot.

Woah.  How beautiful is this?  I actually texted Jimmy and said it reminded me of his grandmother's kitchen (which is beautiful if you haven't checked it out).  I love: the arches, the island, the cabinets, the openness to breakfast room, the green cabinets, and the lights.

This view shows the archway into the kitchen and the base of the island.

And here you can see those green cabinets.  Aren't those to die for?

Can you believe it?  Octagon window cabinets!

How posh is this breakfast room?

Beautiful detail shot.

Here is a shot of the family room off the kitchen.  I'm loving that interior window at the top and the built in cabinets.

Does that rug have orange trim?  So cool!

Isn't this China cabinet a little jewel?  It reminds me of a Tiffany's box!

This is a photo of the hallway off the foyer that leads to the formal living room and the study.  Again, I'm loving the bold use of the green.

How great is this study?  The wood walls are magnificent.

And now we move into the formal living room.  Aren't the green accents amazing?  I think green and white is my favorite color combination.  For sure.

This is the hallway from the living room to the master.  This is such a peaceful photograph.  I really wanted to use this as the cover of "The Beacham Series," but couldn't get the crop quite right...

And finally we incorporate some blue in the master bedroom, which is nice.  I'm really digging the mirror over the bed.  It's the perfect scale... big bed, little mirror. :)

And we end here in the bathroom...  amazing!!!  How pretty is that light?

To see more photos of the home please check out the listing.  You won't regret it!


Striplings Sausage.  My mom has a lake house at Lake Blackshear, and we grew up going there.  One of the best parts about going to the lake is going to Striplings.  It's the best gas station/sausage store I've ever visited!

This weekend I took Jimmy to the lake for the first time (augghhh), and I INSISTED on us going to Striplings to grab the fixins for a pecan pie.  Jimmy LOVES coozies (I don't ask questions), and he was super impressed by the selection... you know what else they have a great selection of (transition?), SAUSAGE!

People from Atlanta are obsessed with it... literally.  Every time we go to the lake someone asks us to bring some back for them...

They have both ground and link sausage.  They als0 have mild medium and hot.  I have only ever tried the mild, but I hear the hot will almost make your head explode (which is a good thing for some people).

Here's a nice picture of Jimmy after we made our sausage selection.  1. I don't know why he put the sausage on the pie crust.... 2. I don't know why he makes that face.  Whatever, it's cute.

We also discovered this little gem!  Pork with Apple Cinnamon BBQ sauce!!!????!!!  Augh!!

And where else can you find 4 Whole Quail?  We would have gotten some if we weren't already having yummy deer meat and ribs for dinner.

There is also a really cool produce department where we grab stuff every time we go!  After this picture there were 3 less packages of asparagus up there.

And the best part about Striplings?  This is next door!

Happy Wednesday everybody!