Frazier and Bodin + Georgia's Best Sausage (Striplings)

Houses and Sausage?  The perfect combination! Let's start with the house.

I shot the coolest house the other day.  It's in Dunwoody and is listed by Cia Cummings and Jan Hart.  Address: 590 Old Cobblestone Drive.

This is a Frazier and Bodin home was originally built in 1939, and architect Stephen and Kerry Fuller has renovated it beautifully.

This foyer is breathtaking with the curved ceiling and beautiful floors.

The solarium, located through the foyer, is perfect and allows for so much natural light.

My favorite thing about this house is that it has all the historical elements, but the interior design is perfect for today... very modern.

This dining room is a perfect example of that...  loving the color choice.

Beautiful detail shot that really shows off the trim and the fireplace.

No joke, this might be my favorite room in the house.  It is the wet bar/catering kitchen that runs between the dinging room and the kitchen.  I really like the color of the cabinets and the countertops.  It feels very masculine.  I'm mad at myself for not taking a better detail shot.

Woah.  How beautiful is this?  I actually texted Jimmy and said it reminded me of his grandmother's kitchen (which is beautiful if you haven't checked it out).  I love: the arches, the island, the cabinets, the openness to breakfast room, the green cabinets, and the lights.

This view shows the archway into the kitchen and the base of the island.

And here you can see those green cabinets.  Aren't those to die for?

Can you believe it?  Octagon window cabinets!

How posh is this breakfast room?

Beautiful detail shot.

Here is a shot of the family room off the kitchen.  I'm loving that interior window at the top and the built in cabinets.

Does that rug have orange trim?  So cool!

Isn't this China cabinet a little jewel?  It reminds me of a Tiffany's box!

This is a photo of the hallway off the foyer that leads to the formal living room and the study.  Again, I'm loving the bold use of the green.

How great is this study?  The wood walls are magnificent.

And now we move into the formal living room.  Aren't the green accents amazing?  I think green and white is my favorite color combination.  For sure.

This is the hallway from the living room to the master.  This is such a peaceful photograph.  I really wanted to use this as the cover of "The Beacham Series," but couldn't get the crop quite right...

And finally we incorporate some blue in the master bedroom, which is nice.  I'm really digging the mirror over the bed.  It's the perfect scale... big bed, little mirror. :)

And we end here in the bathroom...  amazing!!!  How pretty is that light?

To see more photos of the home please check out the listing.  You won't regret it!


Striplings Sausage.  My mom has a lake house at Lake Blackshear, and we grew up going there.  One of the best parts about going to the lake is going to Striplings.  It's the best gas station/sausage store I've ever visited!

This weekend I took Jimmy to the lake for the first time (augghhh), and I INSISTED on us going to Striplings to grab the fixins for a pecan pie.  Jimmy LOVES coozies (I don't ask questions), and he was super impressed by the selection... you know what else they have a great selection of (transition?), SAUSAGE!

People from Atlanta are obsessed with it... literally.  Every time we go to the lake someone asks us to bring some back for them...

They have both ground and link sausage.  They als0 have mild medium and hot.  I have only ever tried the mild, but I hear the hot will almost make your head explode (which is a good thing for some people).

Here's a nice picture of Jimmy after we made our sausage selection.  1. I don't know why he put the sausage on the pie crust.... 2. I don't know why he makes that face.  Whatever, it's cute.

We also discovered this little gem!  Pork with Apple Cinnamon BBQ sauce!!!????!!!  Augh!!

And where else can you find 4 Whole Quail?  We would have gotten some if we weren't already having yummy deer meat and ribs for dinner.

There is also a really cool produce department where we grab stuff every time we go!  After this picture there were 3 less packages of asparagus up there.

And the best part about Striplings?  This is next door!

Happy Wednesday everybody!