Deshawn Snow's (Real Housewives of Atlanta) House

First I want to thank everybody for their amazing guest posts last week while I was on vacation.  Can you believe the response?  Amazing!  Thank you all so much!
I had a wonderful trip taking a boat to ll the different islands in the BVIs, and I'm back refreshed and ready to roll.
We are working on the next issue of The Beacham Series around here...  so you know it's hectic!

I think we might do the same contest we did before where we offer ad space in The Beacham Series as a contest. What do you guys think? I am nervous because I hate to be the judge... I love all of me readers so much that it makes me sad to have to narrow it down to 5 entries, but at the same time I feel like it's such a great offer. I would love to hear input from you guys...

Well, guess what was the first house I photographed after I got back from vacation? Deshawn Snow's house from the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

The house is listed by Troy Stowe of Beacham & Company, REALTORS. Click here to see it.

Do you guys watch the show? I don't... so I really had no idea what to expect on the way there. Do you want to see it?

Front 2
View from the front... Impressive, right?

Front v
Front 1
This is what it looks like driving in the driveway...

Foyer V

Foyer as you walk in ... Dining Room to the left, and office to the right.

Dining Room

Here is the dining room. Notice how large the chairs are. Can you believe it? I bet you would feel like a 5 year old sitting in them, which would be kind of cool.


Office 2

I like the walls quite a bit.

Chandelier v

Standing in the foyer looking up.
Living Room VLiving room 2

Living room. I like the art above the fireplace a lot.


Here is Deshawn's kitchen. Does anyone know if they showed this on TV?

Breakfasrt Area
Family Room

And on to the master...


Aren't those ceilings impressive?

master Bathmaster Shower V
I love a walk through shower.

View from balcony
This is the view from the master balcony.

Ok, you have to see the terrace level.

Hair Parlor
This is the first room i saw when I went downstairs... Do you see Deshawn on the wall?

Hair Parlor 2

There she is again!


She can just hop over to her sauna...


or go for a run...

Terrace Living Room

This is her terrace level living room with the full kitchen.

Pool Table Area

Billiard area


I'm loving this theater.


I though this was a cool shot of all the electronics.

Let's go outside!

Back of house 1

Here is a shot of the house from the side.

Outside Play Area


Sports Court
Full sports court


Inside the pool cabana

From One Cabanna to the other

view from one pool cabana to the other

Money Shot
And finally, the picture of the back of the house. Impressive, right?

It might even look familiar!


So glad to be back! Now I just have to many comments to catch up with! Hope you all liked the tour ...