Traditional+Industrial+AWESOME! .... Also, check out my Historical Concepts Shoot in Pine Mountain, GA

Earlier this week I shot another house for Linda Williams ... and it was amazing.  I love the mix of the traditional exterior and the clean/industrial/Restoration Hardware-esque interior.

I think the photos speak for themselves, so I am going to let you just look around. Front

See the traditional front? Isn't this relaxing?


Office Dining Room 2 Dining Room Kitchen Family Room Family rm 2 Breakfast area Breakfast 2 Through window Master

Now we move to the terrace level...

Terrace Kitchen Terrace lvl

And here is the foyer of the upper level...

Upper Foyer Upper office

Thanks for touring the house with me!

Ricking Chair

Thanks for touring the house with me!

----- One More thing -------

Side Porch To garden house

I told you guys the other day that I was starting another blog, where I discuss my artistic goals for the next ten years. One of those goals is to shoot for an architect's portfolio, and two weeks ago that goal came true when I got to shoot this home for Historical Concepts.