The Owner of Fab'rik's House!

Linda Williams listed the owner of Fab'rik's house a few weeks ago (1653 Johnson Road)!  I was planning on putting it on the blog, but she got it under contract before I could post it!  The house is so good I decided to show you some photos anyway :) 1653 Johnson Road48

1653 Johnson Road11

I love the foyer.  Isn't that great looking?

1653 Johnson Road10

Here it is from the other direction.  That's a beautiful Todd Murphy painting above the fireplace.

1653 Johnson Road04

I love this view into the office.

1653 Johnson Road02

Isn't it fantastic?  I really like that they painted the windows black.  It makes the office look really handsom.

1653 Johnson Road13

The dining room is so simple and elegant.

1653 Johnson Road14

1653 Johnson Road18

1653 Johnson Road19

The kitchen opens up to this wonderful keeping nook, which is perfect for families!  There are also skylights in the kitchen which make it feel lofty with tons of natural light.

1653 Johnson Road23

I love the porch... it's like being at a resort in Miami!

1653 Johnson Road26

Isn't this the cutest child's room you've ever seen?

1653 Johnson Road32

The entire upper floor is a master suite.

1653 Johnson Road34

Don't you like that exposed brick?

1653 Johnson Road39

I love this view of the bedroom!

1653 Johnson Road41

There is a full guest suite  on the terrace level...

1653 Johnson Road45

and a full blown man cave!  How good looking is that?

Congratulations to Linda Williams for getting the house under contract so quickly!

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