Water Bill Update+ Dutch Colonial Masterpiece!

Wow!  My water story went viral! I was on AOL, Yahoo the Huffington Post and on TV three times!  The people from Fox & Friends even called me!

Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 10.55.18 AM

See that nice screen shot of me?  ha ha.

Well, I wish I could say that all the publicity fixed the problem.  It didn't.  The City of Atlanta Department of Wetershed Management DID replace my meter, so that's a huge step in the right direction.  They also said they would erase the $6,00o bill that I got last month.  That was human error that occurred after they put on the data logger.  They also erased the next two highest bills, which were for several thousand dollars.  That leaves me with a $900 balance.  I still don't think that is fair since I have been overplaying them for a year.  It also does not totally solve the problem of why the bill has been so crazy.  I had another plumber come out (the 4th) to confirm there were no leaks.  Now I have to get a 5th plumber to come out at the same time as a person from the city, which is called a water audit.  After the audit I have to go back to the water board appeal hearing.  I am so tired of dealing with this.  I have put at least 40 or 50 hours into dealing with this for the past year.  I am just so ready to have a normal water bill and get back to life as usual.

Moving along...

I shot this amazing Dutch Colonial home a few weeks ago.  It is located at 537 Hillside Drive with interior design by Mandy Culpepper.  Listed by Erin Yabroudy and Wendy Wood Leebern.

It's been a while since I was totally floored by a house... and I was thrilled to pull into this driveway!

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS00

It feel like you are in Europe as soon as you hit the gravel.

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS08

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS10

I started outside photographing the grounds.  It was all so lush and perfectly landscaped.

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS12

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS14

Loving this bench!

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS15

You know my favorite color is orange!

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS17

No, the house does not come with this super cute dog!537 Hillside Drive -FMLS21

I could take a snooze on this hammock, especially after my late night last night watching fireworks at Cherokee!

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS23

There is a treehouse!  My entire adult life I've wanted to build myself a treehouse... although I would NOT run water to it!  (re: my $9,000 water bill).537 Hillside Drive -FMLS27

I love this picture because of that swing...  If I knew where that was from I would def register for it.  Awesome!

When I was finished with the grounds I headed inside...

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS31

The foyer reminds me a little bit of our famous Neel Reid House on Andrews.537 Hillside Drive -FMLS29

Office with fireplace off of the foyer.537 Hillside Drive -FMLS30Another view from the office back into the foyer.

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS33

This is the view right as you walk into the front door.  Love the carpet!  537 Hillside Drive -FMLS34

This is the dining room to the right of the foyer.

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS45

I love the kitchen!  Any type of exposed shelving always gets me... and the stainless steel island... oh my.

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS46

This kitchen opens to this amazing breakfast room, which opens to the porch.  Those chairs are fantastic!

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS47

This is the view looking back into the kitchen.  Great looking!

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS38

The formal living room is off the kitchen and the library.  The red is such a bold choice and works so well.  I'm also slightly obsessed with the bird painting above the fireplace (it looks kind of like the shirt I am wearing on the news in the screen shot at the top of this post).

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS50

This hallway leads from the kitchen to the great room.  That's a great coffee table/ottoman.

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS51

This is my favorite room in the house.  I'm a sucker for cathedral wood ceilings... AND cow rugs... and framed American flags.  Duh.

537 Hillside Drive -FMLS56

Loving the color of the walls and the fun pillows!

For more information on this great house (and upstairs pictures), please check out Erin Yabroudy's blog.


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