My Photographs Published in Historical Concept's New Book, Coming Home

This is a dream of mine that's been in the making for years.  In this 2010 post I wrote about how I wanted to photograph an architect's work for their book.  A few months later Historical Concepts contacted me about shooting one of their homes in Pine Mountain, GA.  I love Historical Concepts.  They do an amazing job on each of their homes, and I was thrilled to work with them. Early one Saturday morning in 2010 I took off for the shoot.  Here are the photos that I took:


Front Door

Front Porch

Front Door2


Fireplace Detail

Dining room

Dining to Living room

Porch to Pond

Kitchen w fixed clock

Doors to porch


Porch to Bedroom

Porch Swing

Red Room out to porch

Bed Detail

Master Bath

House through lavender

To garden house

Pool House

I delivered the photos to Historical Concepts and really did not think too much more about it.

In September of 2011 I got some mail from them.

Screen Shot 2012-03-05 at 3.15.33 PM

I jumped up and down and ran around and waved the paper in Jimmy's face.  Finally!  A dream realized.

Then I waited... and last week I got something in the mail.



It said it was from Historical Concepts.  What ever could it be?


Isn't that packaging beautiful?


No no no... Thank you for LETTING me be part of Coming Home!

There it was!


Signed and everything!


Finally I found my house.




Thank you so much for making one of my dreams come true!  Coming Home is a beautiful book and could be on every coffee table around Atlanta/THE WORLD!!   Maybe I can convince them to let me give one away here!  You can order yours on their website ...but the book hits shelves TOMORROW!!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN!!!  Thank you!

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