Winter Blues and Kitchen News ;)



This time of the year is hard.  Sorry, but it is.  After the build up and craziness of the holidays, January is a bit of a let down.  Not to mention these arctic temperatures we have in Atlanta.  Burrrr!  I remember this lull last year.  We were planning for the wedding in April, which seemed so far away last January!  Jimmy especially gets a little down this time of year.  He lives for the Spring, and in January that seems like an eternity.  Plus he still has to get through Valentines, which I think is hard for all men.  This year I made it easy by calling him and telling him specifically what restaurant I wanted to go to (Gunshow), and when I wanted to go.  Nice wife... apparently pregnancy makes me VERY specific about what I want to eat.


On the plus side, we had a fantastic trip to Jackson Hole!  I was slightly disappointed in the whole spa experience only because I did not get to lay on my stomach as I had hoped.  There was a wedge pillow on top of the table with a hole in it for my stomach, but my stomach is so big (you know I just loved typing that phrase), that I felt like I couldn't breathe.  I lasted for about five minuted before I gave up and laid on my side.  Pregnant lady problems.   On the plus side the food was FANTASTIC!  Fresh green kale juice every morning and all the gluten free toast I could eat, which was a lot.  I'm craving toast with jam these days... I heard it keeps you thin ;).  Mom and I did, indeed, catch up on some movies, and we watched several episodes of the Price is Right :)  The photo above is from the last day when we rode the gondola to the top of the mountain for lunch (chili and a baked potato).  The baby went too, as you can see.

Speaking of the baby, he is a papaya this week.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.33.45 AM

I don't like papayas because I think they smell/taste like feet.  The first time I ever tasted papaya was about 5 years ago when my family went to Cabo.  We stopped by the grocery store where there was a BIG BIG sale of papayas, so even though we had never tasted papayas we thought, "when in Rome..."

My brother decided to use all these papayas up in a margarita... you know, just get really Mexican with it.  He was so excited when he served them!


Turns out the reason there was a BIG BIG sale on papayas was they were all rotten.  Hence the feet taste.   It was the nastiest tasting margarita I've ever had, and I vowed to avoid papayas forever... or so I thought.


On the last day of our honeymoon in Thailand, Jimmy and I decided to treat ourselves to spa services in the room.  Jimmy smartly ordered a massage, and I got a facial.  About halfway through the facial they wrapped my face in gauze and started painting that gauze with cold fruit goo, which seemed fine.  About 30 seconds later I noticed a horrible smell... like feet.  I was laying there wondering what in the world that smell could be.  Was it me?  Was it the facial giver?  Ahhhh  papaya!  My old enemy.  I laid there for 15 minutes breathing through my mouth vowing, "never again"... and now there's one in my stomach!  Yea!

I've made it through papaya week by trying to picture what baby Macauley will look like, which is how I found these adorable pictures of Jimmy.




Yep.  The faster I can get my hands on one of those the better... even if it means the baby has to be a papaya for a week.  By the by, I know I'm biased, but can you BELIEVE how cute that baby is?!?!?!

Speaking of passing time, I've also been taking some photos.  Last week I shot 634 Carriage Way for Glennis Beacham.  It had one of the best kitchens I've seen in a long time.  Jimmy and I have actually been looking for houses ourselves recently, and when it comes down to it the kitchen may just be the most important room in a house.  I know when I'm at home I spend at least 40-50% of my time in the kitchen either cooking or cleaning or getting some sort of snack (that's a recent addition).  Jimmy and I have a tiny kitchen right now, but we still both try to be in there at the same time... me cutting up veggies and him stirring soup, just talking about our day.  I know that was a bit of a tangent, but it's been on my mind with all the houses we've been seeing.  I really don't even have to see the rest of the house, I can judge it all by the kitchen.  That's why I was so struck by how beautiful this kitchen was!  Wouldn't it be the prefect place to hang out with your family and get ready for dinner or make brunch on Saturday.... one can dream.

634 Carriage Way066

634 Carriage Way043

634 Carriage Way027

634 Carriage Way026

634 Carriage Way023

634 Carriage Way022