How to Decorate for Halloween

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.20.17 PM When I was 8 months pregnant (I forgot how swollen I was- yikes), Jimmy and I bought a new house in Garden Hills.  It is our dream home.  Every single day we walk in and think how lucky we are to live here.  Everything about it is perfect for us.  There is a "grown up" kitchen, fenced in backyard, 2 fireplaces, and a master bedroom that's better than any hotel where I have ever stayed.

2690 RR Front 2002

Before we lived in Garden Hills, we lived in a house in Ridgewood Heights (see our old house in the photo above).  Even though I was VERY ready for a fenced backyard and more storage space, I was a little sad to leave because I loved our neighbors so much.  The twins that lived two doors down were in our wedding, and my good friend lived across the street.  But hands down the BEST thing about our neighborhood was Halloween.  I've always loved Halloween.  When I was little Ben and I would practice Trick or Treating for weeks before the big day, ringing our own doorbell and asking for candy.  Carving the pumpkin was a major event every year, and we would work together making eyebrows or missing teeth.  That love for Halloween continued into adulthood.  The first year I ever lived in that house I made a massive deal about having the scariest house in the neighborhood.  I had dry ice, a welcome mat that screamed, and friends who jumped out at the kids.  Every year after that the kids would call my house "the scary house," which was a title I worked to uphold.


SEVERAL weeks ago we broke out the decorations at the new house - I have a statement to make.  halloween065

We have a full graveyard, a string of bloody knives running from the driveway to the lantern, numerous ghosts hanging from trees, three pumpkins, and a few bloody arms on the lawn.

Driving in and out of the neighborhood I've noticed that some of the neighbors really go all out on the decorations.  Yesterday I borrowed a new lens from my uncle, and Oliver and I started out on foot to try out the new lens and scope out the competition.  Let me tell you, these people are serious!

halloween001Oliver was not 100% certain about going on this adventure but agreed reluctantly.

halloween002We started in out own yard where I tried to blur out the fact that I have not been watering those planters enough by focusing on the very scary bird!

halloween003Oliver's first pumpkins with his initials.

halloween004Scary ghost hanging in front of our entryway.


Our graveyard.

We started walking...


halloween009This pumpkin pops open and closed.

halloween012I've always liked this modern house, and they really went all out!  I love the cobwebs everywhere.  We don't tend to do a lot of cobwebs, but that's only because I'm lazy about taking them down post Halloween.


The sign that marks Halloween central.


These people totally out graveyarded us!halloween016I'm so jealous!


Sometimes Mother Nature has the best decorations.halloween018

So many pumpkins, and if you look closely you will see the screaming face looking out the window!!  That took me a minute.halloween019Close up of the doorway.  I love the skull in the planter.


Better shot of the face!halloween021I love how simple this is... just  a big old spider hanging from a doorknob.

halloween022And excellent carving skills.

halloween023This is right out of a magazine, and their planters are perfect.


I like how they used the skulls next to the door and the pumpkins going up the stairs.halloween026

Super creepy!!halloween027

At this point Oliver was sort of over the exercise, but we pressed on anyway.halloween028

Jimmy hates anything having to do with the circus, so this jester would probably make it the scariest house for him.  Those cobwebs are perfection.halloween029

Love this originality! halloween031Here is a more simple southern kid-friendly door :) halloween032

Don't miss the collection of witches on the right side.


There is something so simple and classy about white pumpkins. halloween035

But also something wonderful about a mulit-colored skull surrounded by bats.halloween036

I fell in love with little casper here.halloween037

Amazing! halloween038

This was the single best decoration I saw.  An army of skeletons carrying a casket!  What's not to love?halloween039

I love this doorway as well.  I've never seen that color of pumpkin before, but maybe that's because its a gourd?  halloween041

This spider got his web all tangled in the bushes. halloween042


halloween040There is something so simple about this one- a nice American flag and a grim reaper.  Perfect.

halloween044Next year I'm going to have to get a huge spider and maybe a skeleton in a top hat.


Ghost tree.halloween046


Frightening skull in front of a beautifully decorated door with mums. halloween049 halloween050The bones can't quite get out of the grave because of the cobwebs.


UGA pride.halloween052


Just a little ghost trio.halloween054

halloween055 halloween056

I love this hurst!halloween057

This is one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood, and of course their pumpkins look perfect!halloween058


A perfectly placed Halloween wreath. halloween060



And finally we made it back home.halloween063

"Get me outta this stroller mom, I'm hungry!"


One thing is for sure, even if my yard is not the best in the neighborhood, I'll certainly have the cutest pumpkin on Halloween night!

-Blayne Macauley

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