I've got my toes in the water...

I'm over it.  No more coats.  No more gloves.  No more leggings under my dresses.  I'm ready for boats, beers and bikinis!! Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 11.01.13 AM I am lucky enough to get to spend most of my summer weekends at the lake, and I tell you what, those weekends can't come fast enough! (That's me.. on a boat... 3 years ago... I thought I was super-stylish) Im honor of my almost total obsession with being outside right now, I thought I would show you some of my FAVORITE outdoor spaces available on the Atlanta real estate market. (All Beacham & Company listings) Artistic Shot Location: 3240 Ivanhoe Drive Agent: Susan Cross This would be the perfect place to hang out on a Spring afternoon with a glass of wine and maybe a fire. This is also from one of my favorite homes, which I posted about here.

<a "="" href="http://beacham.com/propertysearch/propertyDetails.php?id=4181351&db=FMLS" target="_blank">IMG_1509

Location: 3487 Habersham Road Agent: Jo Ellen Bradley Love love love this patio for all it's gardening potential. If you look closely you may see someone doing just that! I also love to grill and eat outside as the weather gets warmer. This is perfect!

RVuppath rv back courtyard Location: 5229 Riverview Road Agent: Glennis Beacham This is one of my favorite outdoor spaces in the whole world... much less Atlanta.  I covet it.  Isn't it beautiful? To read more about this house, please see the post about it.<a "="" href="http://beacham.com/propertysearch/propertyDetails.php?id=4177574&db=FMLS" target="_blank" title="View 'Screened in porch' on Flickr.com">Screened in porch Location: 1035 Mill Overlook Agent: Robert Orr This would be great in the summer months when it gets so hot in Atlanta. You could stay in the shade under the fan, but still feel like you are outside.


Location: 4140 Hillside Place Agent: Janey Lowe Now we're talking! This is perfect for poolside drinks and lounging. If it's not too warm yet you could always hang out by the fireplace in the cabana. Perf!

Back of house

Location: 5255 London Drive Agent: Jennifer Moyers What? A water slide? If I had children I would not be able to turn this down. Heck, I'd go down it now if it were about 15 degrease hotter!


Location: 3946 Muirfield Square Agent: Barry Milan

Amazing setting for a rocking chair and a book :) You can also see the river just beyond the trees there, so for me there would probably be a less reading and a little more sleeping. What? Water puts me to sleep. It would actually be smarter for me to just put a hammock out there so when I fall asleep I will be comfortable. Thinking ahead of course.

So please join me in thinking warmer thoughts! I can't wait much longer!!