SOLD HOMES on Mondays! 3650 Tuxedo Road, Descante

Introducing SOLD HOMES on Mondays, where I will be featuring some of Beacham & Company's best SOLD homes every Monday. First up, 3650 Tuxedo Road


House Name: Descante: A 15th century Italian word (descant); the highest harmony to the main melody of life

Sold in 2009 by Glennis Beacham

Architects: Norman Askins and Yong Pak Builder: Bonner Construction

7 Bedrooms 10 Full, 3 Half Baths More than 4 gated acres Guest House Pool House Caretaker's Residence Unless otherwise noted, all photography by Blayne Beacham, Copyright 2009

Tux Doornob - BB

This is one of my favorite houses we have ever sold! Every inch of the home was full on imagination and wonder. I will share some of my favorite parts.


This is the front of the home, which features a motor court centered around a 16th century baptismal fountain.

Descante Fountain

Here is a better view of the sides of the fountain, which were carved with scenes telling stories.

19Millhall (1)

This is the main hallway of the home with cloister vaulted ceilings. The hallway is lined by custom glass doors designed to mimic the throwing of confetti!

Tux Library 1 - bb

This beautiful office hides a paramour's escape!

19 Mill Lib


I called this "The Harry Potter Library." There is a secret passage that runs between here and the Living room. The 14-foot Limestone mantel on the left hand side is one of two in the home that came from Cambridge. The enclave overlooks a private fountain.

This is the living room, and the room to which the secret passage leads. This room opens to a cast stone and Limestone courtyard designed as a large chess board at the back of the home.

Tux Pool Table - BB

The Billiards room across from the living room was painted black and featured murals on the wall by Carlos Nadal.


This bar was just off the Billiards room.


Here is the dining room. It featured Corbels from the Syon Lodge in England, and it also opened to the chess board back patio.

19 Mill Sun Room

This is the other mantel from Cambridge. It was in the sun room just off the kitchen.


I actually have this picture hanging in my office I love it so much. It is a porte-cochere from Barcelona running between the garage and the motor court. It features a Russian family shield on the wall.

This shows the pool, which is walled with illustrations depicting the history of the world.


Photo by Rod Collins

Here is a better view of the pool house. part of the door came from a winery in Burgundy.


Photo from the pool looking back at the house.

I hope you enjoyed the first SOLD HOMES on Mondays! What do you think about this house?