Photographer Angela West's Personal Home: Before and After

Glennis Beacham sold 3198 Habersham Road a few years ago...


Famed photographer Angela West and her husband were the buyers.  Angela and her husband have decided to sell the home, and they listed it with Glennis once again.  I went to shoot the home last week!  I was so excited.  I have always loved this house....

Angela West got a BA from UGA and an MFA from Yale.  I've seen a lot of her pieces at Jackson Fine Art.

Since my main two loves are photography and houses, I was so excited to see the changes she had made to the home.  How did her skills as a photographer influence the choices she made in the house?  Lucky for you guys I have the before pictures (I know, I spoil you), so you can see for yourselves how skilled Angela is not only at photography, but also at transforming a home!  Before the home was done very traditionally.  I loved it then, but I am really enjoying Angela's modern approach to the home.


Here is the kitchen before..


And here is is now.  I never get tired of seeing how fresh paint can change a room.  I love the bare walls and that simple green vase on top of the cabinets.

Breakfast Area

The before breakfast area...

breakfast v

I love the paint color and new pillows.  Did you see the chairs?  The different fabrics on the front and back are really cool.  The table is perfect as well.  It's much lighter.

DiningRoomHere is the dining room before.  It's very Traditional with the Oriental rug and furniture.

Dining room 2

Here it is now.  Obvious changes: wallpaper, curtains, chandelier, larger table, rug removal, de-cluttering.  I am usually a fan of rugs, but these hardwoods are so beautiful I am glad we can see them.  I believe Angela and her husband had all the floors refinished.

Dining Room

Here is another view of the dining room where you can see Angela's beautiful photograph on the back wall!


The living room is where you can see the biggest difference.  Here is the before picture.  I remember being amazed with how large this room was the first time I shot the house.

Here is an additional before picture form the other direction.

Hab 1

Ready to see it now?

Living room 2

Doesn't that look great?  I love the style of this room now, and the painted beams almost seem to disappear.  The room is light and airy.  They added custom fireplace screens and a built-in bar in the second enclave.  Also, isn't that chandelier beautiful?

Living detail

I wanted you to see Angela's photography above the fireplace.  Those are the same pieces highlighted above on the Jackson Fine Art website.

living room sitting area

Here is a better view of the bar they added.

Looking down into living room

And I include this overview so you can see how large the room really is, and how functional the room is with this furniture layout.  Didn't she do a great job?

To see more of the amazing rooms in the house, including these...

library 2

half bath

master 2

... and to see the gardens...

back garden

... and the guest house...

Guest house main room

...please visit Glennis' listing here!

Have a great week everybody!

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