My $758.93 Water Bill

Merry Christmas one and all. Speaking of Christmas, I got a nice little present in the mail last night.  A $758.93 water bill.  Thank you so much City of Atlanta (Department of Watershed Management)!  How did you know this was just what I wanted?  NOT.

This is where I live.  I love it here.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths.

It's the perfect home for me and Sister.... which is great since we are the only people who live there.

Yes, one person and a 2 pound dog racked up an almost $800 water bill.  How?

Well, around September 15th, I got a bill for @500.  I called to dispute the charges.  I had had a leaky toilet in July, but had quickly gotten a plumber out to the house to fix the problem and replace all the valves on all the toilets just to be safe.  The lady I spoke with said that I could appeal my bill.   I paid them $100 somewhere around October 1st.  They sent a man out to look at my meter and determined that there was nothing wrong with the meter, so it must be my problem.  On October 14th... I remember because it was my birthday, I got a letter in the mail saying if I did not pay the entire charge by October 15th they would shut off my water and then charge me the entire bill plus a reconnect fee to turn the water back on.  Thank God they accept credit cards.

Around November 15th I got a water bill for $463.02.  I called the water company again.  I asked if I could appeal this bill.  They said no because my last appeal still had not been finalized, and you couldn't have two appeals at once.  She suggested that I wait until my December bill and see if there was a noticeable difference in my meter reading.  I did not pay any money on that bill, and she assured me they would not turn off my water.  She also assured me there was a leak in my house.  To be on the safe side I got another plumber to come out to the house and look, and he also said there were no leaks.

Yesterday I got this in the mail.  After I stopped crying (true) I checked all the toilets again.  There were no leaks.

Here is the chart showing my water usage.  You can see that I had a toilet leak in July, which I got fixed.

My neighbor has a family of 4 and has an average water bill of $120 a month.

This may be more information than you wanted to know, but I added up my water usage, and this is what I got.

Showers: 8-9 a week, 36 a month

Toilet Flushes (sorry to share this information): @3 a day, 21 a week, 84 a month

Washing Machine Runs: On the high side we will say 4 a week, 16 a month

Dishwasher: 2 a week, 8 a month.

I can't think of any other time I use water unless I an drinking it or rinsing my dishes.  Sister gets 1 tiny bowl of water a day, and I am thinking of asking her to cut back.  JK

I had another plumber come to my house today.

He took this picture of the meter.  He watched it for @20 minutes and there was no change (meaning no leaks).  Then he had his assistant flush a toilet and the meter rose slightly.  This means there are no leaks in the house.

We wrote the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management a letter today explaining the situation.  We also called.  They have agreed to let me play $120 a month until my hearing, which could be in a month or two.  Any advice you guys have would be very very helpful.  Have you had to deal with anything like this?  I have no idea what the hearing will entail, but I am gathering as much evidence as possible.  $800 is insane.

If I don't get this resolved, then I will soon be selling a very small dog who drinks too much water.

KIDDING!  I would NEVER sell Sister, but could I interest you in a 3 year old flatscreen/anything else worth $800?  Going once....

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