Flashes of Hope Update

In a post last month I wrote about Flashes of Hope.

Please read the older post.  Here are my updated images.  I am almost finished.  This charity is so important... please take the time to learn more about it.

Flashes of Hope

All images by Blayne Beacham and Rod Collins, Copyright 2009

This is Alexandra and her mother.  Isn't she beautiful?
This is Anya.  She loved being in front of the camera.  Every time I took a shot she had moved on to a different pose.  Her dad loves her so much, and how could you not?  She has such personality!
This is Carson.  I believe he has heart cancer, which is so sad, but he is such a sweet baby.  I loved watching him and his mom.  Doesn't he have the most beautiful skin and eyes!  I loved watching him.
This is Christian.  He told me about the music he was listening to, and he wants to be a photographer.  I loved meeting him and his mom.
Stay tuned to see more of the kids from the Flashes of Hope photo shoot, and please take a minute to look at the charity.