Top 5 Binge Worthy TV Shows for Snowgate 2015

Well, the Weather Channel is calling for possible icy roads and a few flurries, so obviously everyone in Atlanta is freaking out.  I just went to Whole Foods for my weekly shopping run, and they were out of chili mix, peach yogurt and lettuce.  Seriously?  

Atlanta's freak out to snow is notorious and often made fun of on a national scale.  I agreed with the absurdity until last year when we were stuck at home for several days, and almost all my friends were forced to abandon their cars and walk miles and miles home.  That was no joke.  A woman birthed a baby on 285 for crying out loud.  I was about 7 months pregnant at the time and horrified, but now that I'm on the other side of it I actually cannot imagine what she went through.   Worst nightmare.

On the off chance that we do get snow, or if you are one of my North Eastern readers (I love you guys, and I'm so sorry you're having such a horrible winter!  I also realize our possible inch of ice is laughable compared to what you're going through), I thought I would put together a list of top 5 binge worthy shows for you to watch.

1. LOST (6 seasons available on Netflix)


The show that taught us all how to binge watch tv.  Forget Homeland and and Breaking Bad.  LOST defined the term "cliffhanger" and bring back the audience episode after episode.  I've personally lost at least 20 hours of sleep to this series and thankful for it!  

2. Parenthood (5 seasons available on Netflix)


The feel good family drama of the century.  I am still reeling and mourning the loss of the show.  The the finale was a few weeks ago.  This series is for anyone who is a member of a family.  You will be hooked on the Braverman's story the first episode and eager to see how the plot lines develop.

3. The Tudor's  Season 1 - Available on Netflix

Everyone knows this story ends with Anne Bolyn getting her head chopped off, but watching that story unfold is fascinating!  My mom and I watched this during the week long snowstorm of 2011 and were captivated the entire time.  The series falls apart a little bit for me during the later seasons, but season 1 is well worth the investment.

4. Nashville - Available on iTunes


For anyone who loves music.  T-Bone Burnett wrote the music for the first season of Nashville, and it's unbelievable.  I discovered the show during the snow storm last year (see the pattern developing?  Snow time is when I make my favorite TV discoveries).  I watched one episode, called Jimmy and said, "I found our new show."  The show is an interesting snapshot of the music industry.  Now in it's 3rd season, the show has turned into a little bit more drama and less about the music, but I still love it because the characters are so good.

5. Twin Peaks - Available on Netflix

Twin Peaks

If you haven't seen this 1990-91 classic, now is the time.  Set in a small town and centered around a young girls's murder, you'll be hooked from the first episode.  Kyle MacLachlan (aka Trey MacDougal) gives a haunting and captivating performance as Special Agent Dale Cooper.  Another reason to watch, the show will return in 2016 on Showtime for the 25th anniversary! 

Happy possible snow day everybody!  Please leave a comment below and let me know what you would add to the list!

If you're so inclined, tonight would be a great night to cook up a batch of my favorite chili - just don't go to the WPF Whole Foods to get the mix!