A Tale of Two Sisters - A Photo Essay of Our Trip to Harry Potter World and the Four Seasons Orlando

This past weekend I took my sister (AKA @puppiesandbrunch) on a birthday/graduation trip to theWizarding World of Harry Potter via the Four Seasons Orlando.  In one of the videos you will see in this post, my sister says it is the "best day of my (her) life and the third best day of Blayne's life - only because she's married and has a child."  I concur.  The magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was overwhelming.  I may or may not have cried when we walked into Hogwarts.  I'm totally OK with you judging me for that.  Not only do I love reading and love the stories and the movies, but spending 10 years talking about Harry Potter with my sister bonded us in such a special way.  There is nobody in the world I would rather have gone on this trip with, and I will remember it forever.  

When we felt we had "managed our mischief" at the Wizarding World, we headed back to the Four Seasons Orlando for an afternoon of cocktails, chips and guac, a trip around the lazy river, and bonding time in the spa hot tub.  At the end of the day I called room service and said, "all we want in the world is to lay in bed, watch a movie, eat pizza and have a beer.  Is there any way you could make that happen?"  An hour later we opened the door to find all that plus popcorn.  Once again, I was overwhelmed with the level of service Four Seasons offers.  It's as if they know what you want before you even ask.  They presented Kate with a Harry Potter birthday cake when we checked in, and everywhere we went we felt special.  I asked for permission to drink a beer in the lazy river, and they not only encouraged it, but brought us beers in special cups within minutes.  They arranged our umbrellas at the pool and gave us a full tour of the spa.  I will never go to Orlando again without staying at this hotel.  I could not give it a higher recommendation.  And without further ado... our trip.

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