The 12 Best BBQ Spots in Atlanta

BBQ is my favorite food.  Ever.  I would choose it as my last meal.  It's all about the sauce - I love Carolina vinegar and mustard based sauce.  I've gone on road trips for the BBQ (hello Sprayberry's).  Memphis and Carolina styles are my favorite.  The sausage and cheese plate at Rendezvous is my heaven, and I once had their ribs shipped all the way from Memphis.  I try new BBQ places with zeal in hopes of finding that perfect plate.  

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The Best Garden in Buckhead!

As you guys know, I am really into gardening at the moment!  Last week I went to photograph Lissy Parker's (author of this blogpersonal home and was so impressed with the gardens.  I was specifically blown away by the containers in the garden, which the owner credited to Boxwoods here in Atlanta. They were the first things I noticed.  Once I was inside I fell instantly in love with the kitchen and master bedroom.  At the end I walked out to the stacked stone fireplace and almost made an offer right then!  I hope you love the home as much as I do.  If so, please contact Jennifer Henley or Glennis Beacham with Beacham & Company, REALTORS, or check out the listing online here.

Come back later this week to hear all about our Disney adventures from last weekend!  Happy Tuesday!

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