Amazing Buy in Springlake Just in Time for Halloween!!!

Elise and Kyle Baumann of the Lowe Baumann Team at Beacham & Company have this beautiful family home listed.  It's in Springlake, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Buckhead. They have a great garden club, and all the kids and parents know each other.  They also have a killer Halloween party, if you're not sure where you're trick or treating this year!

My favorite part of this house is the way the kitchen opens up to the family room.  As a mom of two little kids who cooks dinner most nights, I know how valuable that is!  Most nights I cook while Quinn toddles around and Oliver watches a movie, and I love being able to keep an eye on them while also being productive!

I also think it is fantastic how the breakfast area opens right up to the backyard, so you'd feel safe with your kids or dog playing out there while you kept an eye on them from inside.  You can also grill just steps from the kitchen... as the griller in our family, that's something I really appreciate!

And I'm extremely jealous of this basement.  Sometimes I dream about discovering I have a full finished basement in my current house where the kids can play, and then I wake up and realize there are still toys all over the place and no basement :)  In this house you could all hang out in the basement with the kids and toys, and then come upstairs to a clean house and just close the door!  #amazing #dreamhome #signmeup

In case you needed one more reason that this is your house, check out this yard!

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Have a great weekend everybody!

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