Designer Shows Her Personal Home and Shares Insider Tips So You Can Find the Best Pieces!

Today I am featuring the beautiful home of Julie Silber, the head of Decorjoy, which is an Atlanta-based company that helps interior designers and decorators with business plans and workshops.

Julie's 10 years of experience designing and decorating homes is clearly evident in her personal space.  I loved the color palate as well as the choices of furniture and art.  

According to Julie, "The Aragon house was built in 2008 - many people assume it is an old Georgian.  The old homes in Ansley Park were the design inspiration. The home's all white exterior and interior and crisp new traditional interior finishes are always a surprise to people who visit. The mix of classic traditional architecture and high end traditional finishes are perfect for our family.  My family background in the antiques business inspired many of the design choices."

Don't you love it?

I asked Julie some inside tips about life and style in the ATL so we could all learn from her expert knowledge:

1. What is your favorite source for furniture in the city?

Kind of hard to name just one so if you don't mind, here are a few: 

I love buying upholstered pieces at Lewis and Sheron- their service and selection are outstanding and I love having a million options right there to customize my pieces.  For case pieces, I love a mix of antiques and repurposed architectural pieces that I pick up from the family store, Metropolitan Artifacts.  Beau Studio at ADAC is my go to resource for pieces that become tomorrow's heirlooms and I throw in a mix of pieces from Americasmart.  It is all about a good balance. 

2. Where do you shop for art?

I have pieces from my favorite artists at The Goat Farm in the Westside Design District - Melanie Rolfes and Michael Zavison as well as my husband's and my gift to one another from Elizabeth Stockton. 

Artwork by Melanie Rolfes

Artwork by Melanie Rolfes

Artwork by Michael Zavison

Artwork by Michael Zavison

Artwork by Elizabeth Stockton

Artwork by Elizabeth Stockton

3. Where do you love to go for a night out?

We love all three of Michael Arnette's restaurants right in the neighborhood on Dresden.  No uber needed!  We just hop from Haven to Valenza depending on our mood and now when we want a quick casual night, his latest creation, Vero has the most amazing Pizza! We love the convenience and supporting such a talented local restaurateur. 

4. Who is your fashion icon? Rachel Zoe. 

Thank you so much Julie!  I love your answers :)

Julie's home is listed by Lindsey Sanders of Beacham & Company.  Click here for more info.

A few additional updates!

I have been painting so much recently, which I'm really enjoying!  This piece will be auctioned off on March 12th at the North Atlanta Red Hot Jazz Party.  Buy tickets here.

Another new painting.

A photo posted by Blayne Macauley (@thisphotographerslife) on

Also, a friend asked me to provide a link to the charity BeLoved Atlanta.

Atlanta is the No. 1 city in the U.S. with the highest sex economy income of $290 million per year. BeLoved Atlanta is the only two-year residential home and program in Atlanta, Ga for adult women affected by sexual exploitation.

Click here to learn more about BeLoved Atlanta and to get involved.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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