When you're counting down the weeks until you give birth, you put a whole bunch of topics into one post, so here you go! A Wedding, fashion, flowers and real estate!

Lounge goals 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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Happy Wednesday everybody!!!  Is it Wednesday?  I don't even know the days anymore unless it involves checking off a day until I can get this baby out :)...  ugh.  I have been a little lax on writing lately, and I should probably apologize about it, but I'm over it.  That's why you're getting a whole bunch of updates in one post... so get ready.

Lots of crazy stuff going on in Macauley land.  My brother got married last weekend.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  They got married at Sea Pines in Hilton Head.  The facility was fantastic and the service was the best I've ever experienced.  Laura did a wonderful job planning, and the event was a huge success.  Welcome to the family Laura!! :)

My uncle Rod did an awesome job taking photos of the event, and it's been so much fun to look through them!

I enlisted the help of a few friends to find a dress for the rehearsal dinner that I would really love.  I did not want to go the typical pea in the pod or maternity selection.  

I ended up ordering this dress from Linenbee shop on Etsy and could not have been more pleased.  They made it specifically to fit me and even FedExed it to me.  It got here within a week.  All night everyone was saying how much they liked the dress, and it made me feel so comfortable.   

Here is a photo of the dress from the site.  You can get it customized by color and size.  I cannot say enough positive things about it and just wanted to give a shout out!

My friend Cary Lyle listed this awesome condo in the Biltmore House in Midtown, and since I love him and thought the place was cool, I wanted to show you a few pics. 

I'm so excited that my painting sold this past weekend at the Red Hot Jazz Event for North Atlanta High School!

I wish I knew who bought it!  If you would like another chance to buy a painting, you can get it at the Saint Anne's Day School Spring Auction on April 22nd.

Adore this sweet piece by Blayne McCauley @thisphotographerslife. 16x16 mixed media on wood. Buy now for $200 or bid at the soirée April 22!

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I've really enjoyed working on these paintings and am so happy they are going to a good cause :)

My friend from out of state just had a baby.  I am not super familiar with the florists where she lives, and I CANNOT with 1800 Flowers, so I tried out Farmgirl Flowers!  It's been popping up on my Facebook feed, and it seemed like a good opportunity to see how it works.  I was extremely impressed with the selection, and ordering was a breeze!  Check out the website here!

I had lunch at La Fonda today and TOTALLY remembered why I included their pork and mango salad on my list of the 5 best salads in the ATL.  That thing slays.

Have a great rest of your week.  I'm going to keep popping Claritin and keep growing this baby, and maybe I'll be back next week.  #ttfn

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