Life Lately - Walking, Wedding Vows, and the Miracle Bathing Suit!

The biggest news around here is that I FINALLy got a new cell phone and can take photos again!  REJOICE!  You may have noticed an increase in my Instagram activity.  

Happy Saturday #ptreefarmersmkt ❤️

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Oliver and I have been walking about 4 miles a day.  Part of this is to make it through the morning after breakfast and before nap time, and part of it is because I am still dragging around baby weight.  To keep me entertained on these walks, I created a new hashtag and started instagraming houses I love.  Follow along if you are so inclined.  People seem to enjoy it :)

#housesilove #walkswitholiver

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#housesilove #walkswitholiver #orangedoor ❤️

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Speaking of baby weight, it's bathing suit season.  Cringe.  In preparation for an upcoming beach trip, I've been doing some internet bathing suit shopping.  One too many of my friends have described to me in detail what it's like to go into a fitting room and put bathing suits on to your post baby bod.  No thank you!  

I've cruised the usual sites looking for a suit that says, "I'm a cool mom who is totally confident with my body," but I've come up short.  I was about to take the whole, "throw on a mumu, grab a cocktail, and call it a day" approach when I found this suit.  I was in Target on my weekly diaper run when I walked right by it.  I found my size and threw it in my cart, preferring the privacy of my own home to the harsh light of the dressing room.  To my surprise I did not burst into tears when I put it on, and I even wore it to the pool.  Sometimes when you're not feeling 100% about the way you look, it's such a gift to find something you feel comfortable wearing.  If you are in that boat at all you may want to try this suit.  I'm not promising it will work for you, but sometimes lightening does strike twice!  Click photo or here to go to website.

My sweet friend/fashion advisor/softball teammate Alysse got married this past weekend in Auburn, Alabama.  Jimmy and I were excited to attend and made a little trip out of it.  I am very food motivated (hence the one piece) and was pre-planning where we would eat on the drive.  Looking at the map I saw we would pass Newnan and basically shouted, "we have got to stop at Sprayberry's BBQ!"  My brother and I were lucky enough to be in college at the same time.  A lot of his fraternity brothers were from Newnan and loved Sprayberry's, so they had it at the house a lot, which is how I learned about it.  It remains one of the best things I learned in college.  #godawgs

Jimmy and I got two Lewis Grizzard specials, and they did not disappoint. 

#Repost @blaynebmacauley with @repostapp. ・・・ 2 Lewis Grizzard specials. Pre wedding prep. Best BBQ in the state. @bbeacham411 jelly?

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When we arrived in Auburn our hotel room was not quite ready, so we walked downtown.  We found the cutest boutique, Behind the Glass.  I loved their style!  I was happy to find out that you can buy clothes via their Instagram account, so I don't have to drive to Auburn every time I want to shop!

Jimmy and I had the nicest time at the wedding with our friends Laura and Billy.  We took a pretty sweet selfie to represent Beacham & Co.

Repping the Atl. #alyssegetsmarried #gobeast #wedontneednoselfiestick @lauraflorkowski

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The bride was beautiful, the music was fantastic, and the carrot cake was out of this world... but the cherry on top was the helicopter getaway!  Wonderful wedding you two, wishing you so much happiness!

Congrats to a beautiful couple 💕

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Jimmy certainly enjoyed himself at the wedding!  

And finally, in case you find yourself laying awake at night wondering how my African Keyhole Garden is doing, it's a total success!  We'll have beans in no time!

Beans lookin' good! @carsonhbmatthews 🌞

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Have a wonderful holiday weekend everybody!!

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