Top 10 Southern Made Products, Written by Sweet Peach Blog

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  Today's post is by Pamela Berger of Sweet Peach Blog.  The Sweet Peach Blog is one of my favorite Southern Blogs.  I've been reading it for years.

Pamela features the best products, and after reading her blog I always feel a little more "in the know." 


Top 10 Southern Made Products

By Pamela Berger

This is a hard list to dwindle down, but I went with artists that I know a year, 5 years, 10 years from now- their work will still be just as important, just as well made and aesthetically pleasing.


1. HollyBeth Organics, Face and Neck Elixir

I’ve watched HollyBeth at work for years and her whole body lights up when she talks about organic skincare. It’s her passion and she’s amazing at it. I love her infectious spirit just as much as I love and savor her perfect mix of organic oils I rub on my face day and night. 


2. Otis James, Neckties and Caps

 Oh Otis. I love this man. He has great style and is a throwback to when making quality men’s attire was the norm. His neckties and caps are my favorite- perfect gift for dad or any man in your life, really. 


3. Ann Ladson, Utensils and Vessels

I love Ann for her craftsmanship and originality. I first fell for her unique and lovely jewelry line and now marvel at her collection of handcrafted utensils that make you gasp with devout admiration. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 


4. Honeycomb Studio, Antler series

Courtney Hamill first got my attention with her incredible antler ceramics. Since that time, I’ve loved watching her collection of goods grow to include gorgeous vessels, ornaments and lighting fixtures. She’s a gem and so fun to keep an eye on. 


5. Ashley Woodson Bailey, Dark Limited Editions

Ashley did something that’s hard to do- she created something truly original, which filled a unique niche in the design world. Her stunning light and dark floral images are all captured and edited with her iPhone. Incredible. And people are responding to her work in a big way. I’m currently saving up for one of her large pieces to be placed above my bed. I just still can’t pick a favorite…


6. Rinne Allen, light drawings 

Rinne is as sweet and lovely a human being as they come. And her work reflects her gentle, caring nature. A fan of all of her work, I especially love Rinne’s light drawings that she creates with her mom in her mom’s garden. All of the small treasures used for these lovely drawings come from their own backyards.   


7. The Small Object, Wedding Toppers

Sarah Neuburger (check out her blog here) is adorable, which makes sense, because so are her playful illustrations and wedding toppers. I’ve loved Sarah’s work ever since I stumbled upon it at a craft fair in Asheville. Since then, she’s become my partner in crime in creating all my illustrations for my Sweet Peach Sweet Spots papers and short videos. But without fail, these wedding toppers are just too good for words. 


8. Banner Butter

It’s the South so we embrace butter. But I will say- you don’t know butter until you taste Banner Butter. At Banner Butter, they allow natural bacteria to accumulate, adding a slightly sour and nutty flavor. It’s a throwback to how butter used to be made (and still made throughout many parts of Europe). What’s even better is their creation of compound cultured butters, which include scrumptious flavors like Cinnamon, Cardamom & Ginger and Tart Cherry Almond which continually leave me speechless. I’m a customer for life. 


9. Rough South Home, Custom work

Clarke Titus is another great craftsman. He’s meticulous and maniacal when it comes to deciding on his materials and his process and this obsession shows. His work is stunning and timeless, wholly original and built to last. I love to stop by his workshop to see what he’s up to- and it’s always something cool. Always. 


Folk Fibers, Quilts

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to afford one of Austin based, Maura Ambrose’s quilts but it won’t stop me from admiring them. She hand dyes all of her fabrics and the passion for her craft shines through in her original assembly and design.