With Your Morning Coffee: January 11th - Links/Houses/Sales/Etc.

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are all enjoying time with you families or perhaps having a lazy morning.  This is the beginning of a new series called "With Your Morning Coffee."  In it I will share my favorite internet findings of the week, the houses I photographed, some sweet sales, and anything else I feel like throwing in along the way.  It's the catch all post of the week!  enjoy :)  

Sunday Reading List

This Week I Photographed...

2355 Pine Grove Drive.  Listed by Jennie Wilson and Kristin Sodemann.  This is a great house, and it's OPEN TODAY from 2-4pm.  Located on the Westside, this family house has a wonderful layout.  My favorite part is the openness of the kitchen/family room area.  All the bedrooms are large, and the backyard large and offers a fire pit and grilling area.

1571 Kinglet Lane.  Listed by Tricia Feagin.  This family home is located in Marietta, and it has an amazing kitchen!  It's perfect for a family and provides a nice gathering area on the main level between the kitchen and living room, as well as a large backyard. 

1571 Kinglet Lane- This Photographer's Life

2504 East Osborne Road.  Listed by Lindsey Sanders.  This beautiful new construction home is located In Brookhaven.  It's fresh and clean with a wonderful layout.  There is fantastic space and light on the main level, and the bedrooms upstairs are perfectly proportioned.  There is also a large family gathering space on the sunlit terrace level, as well as a bedroom and full bath.


The Calypso St. Barth's Sample Sale is the most distracting thing to happen to me in a long time.  I mean, how do you say no to that?  I went ahead about bought the two things pictured below, but there is so much more!  Do yourself a favor and click over -  I bet you buy something.  With prices this good how could you not?

rag & bone is offering 50% of their Winter Collection.  Some of my favorite picks are below.


I discovered Noosa yoghurt this week, and it changed my life.  So creamy and fruity. I'm never going back to my old brand!  This is my new breakfast every day.

My awesome Mother-in-Law send me a Buddha Board, and I can't stop playing with it!  Jimmy and I both sit in front of it and draw forever.  It's addicting!

Jimmy and I went on a double date this weekend to The Southern Gentleman.  The bar scene/atmosphere was awesome.  I loved the whole vibe, and it will be really nice in the Summer when they open up the doors and make a rooftop bar.  I envision us being there a lot! 

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Happy Sunday everybody!

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